Roulette Live – an Online Classic Surpasses the Casino Game

One of the most famous games ever

Everyone knows this game. Even those who have never played the game themselves can almost certainly describe, at least roughly, how the game is going. And who does not know the countless spy movies in the smart spies like James Bond sitting in a casino and with a sure hand make their bet on a number or a color.

The game in which a ball is thrown into a running – let’s call it a shell – with colored markings in red, black and green as well as a series of numbers. Surely everyone has ever seen on TV. And certainly, some of them have this game in a kind of home version at home, to play at a suitable opportunity in the circle of family or friends. This version is still relatively new and has become popular only in the last 10 – 15 years.

Amazing, after all, this game that has its origins in Italy and is now known worldwide is already several hundred years old. The right, professional roulette can be found today, especially in the big casinos. maybe that’s because you always need a croupier for this game. Arctic Monkeys announce new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino and gaming outlets can often offer only a slot machine version of this classic game if at all. A real gaming experience can therefore hardly be offered to visitors and guests of these companies.

For those who then decide to visit one of the casinos that offer roulette, this often means a considerable amount of time and possibly also some additional costs. So of course, it is not surprising if only a small part of those who like to take part in a casino game ever has the chance to experience live roulette or even to be able to play themselves.

Roulette on the PC and online

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why roulette was one of the first games ever that came out as a PC game. Of course, these games could not connect in any way to the experience as it is when standing in a casino, surrounded by players and interested parties, makes his bet and then cheered to see at the end where the ball is. In the computer games could at best be adopted the gameplay.

The atmosphere of a casino, with its individual and upscale presentation, the music but also the opportunity to chat with other visitors to a casino simply was not given in the normal PC games. This did not improve until the spread of the Internet and the advancing technology gave new possibilities for the presentation of the game.

The importance of online casinos

Especially through the Internet, a whole series of online casinos have emerged over the last few years. However, this exists above all through the highest possible and, above all, constant visitor numbers. For the visitors to come back, it is especially important for online casinos – as with regular casinos – to make the visit to the casino a real experience.

The online casinos soon realized that it was not enough to present their guests with the widest possible selection of slot machine, arcade or classic gambling games. In many cases, the existing games could not compete against the gaming environment of a casino or casino. Over the years, not only has the optical design of the websites of various online casinos been invested to keep the visitors more involved, but also classic games such as online roulette have been equipped with many new features.

For example, many online casinos now use possible to chat with roulette not only with other players. One can e.g. also forward previously purchased virtual gifts with a certain score to other players, so that they then receive higher levels and thus unlocked for roulette tables with a higher bet. Of course, this is just an example of several novelties that most online casinos now have. But free wsop chips can offer their visitors the following novelty.

Live online roulette

This completely new version lets you experience and play live roulette online. That means you play on the Internet almost via live circuit directly at a roulette table. The principle is like e.g. on Skype. Using a webcam or a laptop camera, the guest establishes a connection with the table he has selected. Now he can see the croupier doing his job live. At the same time, he shows himself through his camera to the game master and his neighbor, just as his teammates are displayed in small windows on the edge of the screen.

This live circuit creates a completely new gaming experience for the player, since the player is virtually in the middle of the action instead of out. At the same time, those who want a real casino experience no longer need to travel several miles to the nearest casino. Instead, they can easily get a real roulette live experience on your computer or laptop. At the same time, visitors to the online casino can then decide for themselves when they want to experience live roulette online because online casinos are available to visitors and guests around the clock in contrast to conventional gaming arcades or casinos.


From my point of view, the online casinos are currently well on the way to outdate the conventional casinos and casinos. Not only do online casinos now have a much wider range than traditional casinos, they also manage to attract attention with real novelties.

For example, in the field of online roulette, but of course some other classics in the field of gambling. This is where online casinos manage to create an atmosphere and a "middle-of-the-range" feeling that makes players feel in touch with a real casino.

With such a wide range of gambling and classic games that offer visitors a very special atmosphere, it should be easy for online casinos not only to survive in the long term compared to the regular casinos but also to be able to book many new visitors and guests for themselves. Playing live roulette online is certainly a not insignificant criterion for many players.

Starbust Free Spins without Deposit

Starbust is one of the most popular slots in the online casino world. Many casinos therefore offer Starbust Free Spins without deposit as a sign-up bonus.

Many casinos offer sign-up bonuses to new players to promote them as customers. Often these bonuses are Starbust Free Spins with no deposit.

The reason for this is the great popularity and simplicity of the Starbust slot, which appeals to all types of players. We show you what makes the Starbust Slot so special and in which online casinos you can profit from Starbust Free Spins without deposit.

About Starbust Slots

Starbust is one of the most famous casino games ever and is clearly one of the slot classics. The slot has 5 reels, 10 paylines, and allows for winnings up to £ 50,000. The bet ranges from £ 0.01 to £ 100, making it ideal for almost every player.

Starbust convinces with good graphics and a unique arcade design that appeals to many players. In addition, the matching soundtrack helps to imitate a classic casino atmosphere. Many bonus features allow for additional winning combinations that generate lucrative winnings.

For example, if you manage to get 3 Starbust Wilds on the middle 3 reels, you have the chance to get up to £ 50,000 in skin value. Teradata Accelerates its Customers’ Analytics in the Cloud yet exciting design and the huge profit potential are just a few of the reasons why Starbust Slot is so popular.

The Best Online Casinos with Starbust Free Spins and No Deposit

Due to the popularity of this slot, many online casinos offer Starbust Free Spins without deposit as a sign-up bonus. Counting Blackjack Cards: Benefits and Disadvantages means that you can start playing right away without having to risk your own money. Here are the 3 best online casinos offering Starbust Free Spins without deposit:

Mr. Green

Mr Green is by far one of the most famous online casinos ever and offers many high quality casino games. Upon registration you automatically receive 20 Starbust Free Spins without deposit. If you then make a deposit afterwards, you will receive another 200 Starbust Spins for free.


Casumo is another online casino that offers Starbust Free Spins without deposit. When registering, you also receive 20 Starbust Free Spins as a startup bonus. With a deposit, additional bonuses await you.

All Time Casino

On also an attractive registration bonus for new customers is waiting for you. By signing up, you automatically receive 10 Startbust Free Spins with no deposit, which can turn you into high profits.

These casinos are just a small selection of sites that offer no-deposit Starbust Free Spins. Hundreds of providers can be found on the Internet where you can make a decent profit with lucrative registration bonuses.


All in all, Starbust is one of the best and most popular slots in the world, captivating a multitude of casino fans. The slot offers an attractive design and high sums of money leading to an exceptional casino experience. Many online casinos, such as Mr Green, also offer Starbust Free Spins with no deposit as a sign-up bonus that can lead to lucrative winnings. So, if you are interested in slots, you should definitely look for such offers. Get ready for a "galactic" casino experience and immerse yourself in the world of Starbust slots.

Book of Ra Online

Learn more about the game classic Book of Ra and be inspired by the history of this unique slot machine game. They also see where they have the best chance of making a profit without deposit or other costs.

Book of Ra is a slot machine game. It is one of the first games in this field to have its own continuous storyline, much like Lords of the Ocean. Unlike most other slot machine games, which are all about scoring as many points as possible or simply winning the maximum, players will be involved in a continuous game flow in this game.

Although Book of Ra is now a relatively old game, it still enjoys great popularity, which is certainly due to the three simple facts:

● For one, Book of Ra is a game that has its own storyline. It is thus one of the first story games ever, because when it came out as a simple game in its original version for regular slot machines was about background stories and game stories made no thought. It is perhaps particularly noteworthy that the slots game was adapted to the game story. Thus, on The Stars Group to acquire Sky Betting & Gaming for $4.7 Billion reels some of the symbols were adapted specially for the game

● On the other hand, despite the background story and the various game features, it is a game that you learn very quickly. In contrast to many other games here no cumbersome reading of manuals or the like is necessary. After having understood some basic procedures, you can easily master the game and approach complex strategies.

● And finally, it’s a game that has not only survived the times but is still available today with a variety of game systems. Apart from the fact that it is offered in its original version as a pure slot machine game even today in most gambling houses you can play Book of Ra as a slot machine game on the PC and the Internet in most online casinos.
Book of Ra during time
Just as the systems on which this slot machine game was played during the years, so of course has also evolved the game itself over time. On the reels appeared new symbols and additional game lines were created. This not only gave the game more playful depth, but also added profit and bonus options.
play live roulette of Books of Ra could thus always discover new possibilities and try out. Just these constant changes – without changing the core of the game are certainly one of the reasons why the game has managed to become one of the most popular casino games and remain to this day.
The ongoing improvements did not necessarily mean that the newer versions of Book of Ra replaced the older ones, which then mostly run on other systems as well. No, rather it is the case that even older systems with the original versions of Book of Ra are to be found even today. This is partly because the older systems, e.g. for other uses such as the new systems were designed.

The first basic versions of Book of Ra

The first versions of Book of Ra were developed for pure slot games, which are usually found primarily in gaming arcades and casinos. Since the technology of the automaton is exhausted at a certain point of course also Book of Ra can be developed only to a certain point further.
Although in these first basic versions e.g. The tenth line of play and some symbols and profit opportunities are not given because they cannot be integrated into the simple technique of a slot machine, so Book of Ra is also a slot machine game in its conception as a pure machine game certainly one of the best games in this genre.
Versatile versions for the PC
With the development of the personal computer also games for this entertainment medium emerged. Just by Online casinos ‘failing on problem gambling’ that shortly after the development of the first computer a few years later so-called home computers came up, it became already a necessity to develop well-known games for them as well.
Already from the fact that computers could already be found in almost every household in the 90s and thus one could reach far more potential prospective customers for this play as in comparison to the automat-version it was quasi naturally also the game classic like book of Ra were developed for the computer. These programs were then available as a purchase version on tape and then later diskette and CD.
However, Book of Ra experienced the right boom with the spread of the internet. Due to the World Wide Web, a lot of internet and online casinos have been created. These could soon have a much wider range of offer such. Of course, offering the games outlets and such a variety of offers also includes a classic game such as Book of Ra.
Due to the constant and high pressure of competition, online casinos are of course forced to constantly come up with something new to stand out from the competition. As a result, over time, several variants of various classic games such as. by Lords of the Ocean or Book of Ra.
In some of the variants, new symbols have been integrated into the game or a new game line has been added. In addition, players are offered new bonuses and profit opportunities. Due to these variants, there is now a very wide variety of different Book of Ra versions, although the basic principle, the storyline and the gameplay have not been changed.

Book of Ra Online Real Money Bonus No Deposit

Compared to the vending machine versions, however, the bonus and winning options mentioned above are certainly not only the most important innovation, but also for players the most interesting. Through the development of Book of Ra for the computer or as an online version, the operators of the various casinos are now able to independently and completely free to change the bonus and the deposit requirements.
There are some online casinos even go so far as the Book of Ra not only a callable at any time real money bonus for the players in the prospect but also for interested users of Book of Ra also renounce to a previous deposit completely. Players who decide to try out this classic in the field of slot machine and slot machine games thus have the chance to win a no-deposit Book of Ra online real money bonus. In the best case, that means no less than whopping profits for the players without any additional costs.