Free spins no deposit casino – best offer online?


Online casino offers come and go. There was a time when 20 free spins was incredible. But the market, the exposure through social media, the competition and all the other factors have turned those 8-year old record-breaking free spins no deposit casino offers into the most mundane ones.

We’ll be honest – it’s fun watching it all change because it only gets better. Did you notice that even 100 free spins is becoming an ‘ok’ amount of free spins? Players still appreciate it but are they as surprised and excited about getting $20-$30 worth of free spins in one go as before?

Probably not.

However, it’s not only the number that matters. Actually, we think that half the spins is even better. In a handful of cases.

casinoBest free spins no deposit casino offer

What gets you excited about free spins no deposit casino bonuses? Mostly the amount, right? As promised, we want to give you, possibly, the best offer online. 5o free spins.

50 free, wagerless, spins.

A couple of months ago BGO casino started a movement for zero-wagering requirement on free spins. That means that if you win it, you get to keep it. We are extremely happy to say that no more is BGO alone in this trend and we are very eager to see how it shifts the whole scene of online casino bonuses.

By the way, BGO calls them, appropriately, FAIR spins.

Play to Win With No Wagering Free Spins


When you get free spins at a no deposit casino, you will often play to play. Meaning, you may win a couple of pounds but then you will have to make a deposit. And, wager your free spins winnings 20 times. Which will often result in a loss of your free spins winnings. Not always, but often.

The game changes when there are no wagering free spins.

Now you play not only to play, but to actually win.

There are not many casinos that offer these kinds of free spins, however even when there will be a hundred, we will always come back to BGO as the creator of the trend. Right now they offer 50 fair spins for free starting with 20 spins no deposit. Which is mind-blowingly good offer which may be better than 100 or even 200 free spins in any other casino.