Free spins no deposit casino – best offer online?


Online casino offers come and go. There was a time when 20 free spins was incredible. But the market, the exposure through social media, the competition and all the other factors have turned those 8-year old record-breaking free spins no deposit casino offers into the most mundane ones.

We’ll be honest – it’s fun watching it all change because it only gets better. Did you notice that even 100 free spins is becoming an ‘ok’ amount of free spins? Players still appreciate it but are they as surprised and excited about getting $20-$30 worth of free spins in one go as before?

Probably not.

However, it’s not only the number that matters. Actually, we think that half the spins is even better. In a handful of cases.

casinoBest free spins no deposit casino offer

What gets you excited about free spins no deposit casino bonuses? Mostly the amount, right? As promised, we want to give you, possibly, the best offer online. 5o free spins.

50 free, wagerless, spins.

A couple of months ago BGO casino started a movement for zero-wagering requirement on free spins. That means that if you win it, you get to keep it. We are extremely happy to say that no more is BGO alone in this trend and we are very eager to see how it shifts the whole scene of online casino bonuses.

By the way, BGO calls them, appropriately, FAIR spins.

Play to Win With No Wagering Free Spins


When you get free spins at a no deposit casino, you will often play to play. Meaning, you may win a couple of pounds but then you will have to make a deposit. And, wager your free spins winnings 20 times. Which will often result in a loss of your free spins winnings. Not always, but often.

The game changes when there are no wagering free spins.

Now you play not only to play, but to actually win.

There are not many casinos that offer these kinds of free spins, however even when there will be a hundred, we will always come back to BGO as the creator of the trend. Right now they offer 50 fair spins for free starting with 20 spins no deposit. Which is mind-blowingly good offer which may be better than 100 or even 200 free spins in any other casino.

Download free casino slot games – play offline


We love playing slots online – there is no denying that. But maybe you have a bad data plan, or don’t have a bankroll to play real money games at the moment.

In any case, there are bound to be times when you can’t play online but would love to roll a few spins on your favorite game.

The crazy thing is, the solution has always been right in front of your face. You can download free casino slot games to play offline.

Play offline – who would’ve thought?

There are and always have been options to play casino games offline. That’s no surprise. You can purchase and play desktop games. Two of the biggest publishers – Capcom and Boyle Games come to mind.

Or, you can visit your mobile app shop. We’d wager real money that you would be able to find over a dozen of different games through a mobile app. But it’s not the same, is it?

Often, the gameplay will be buggy and maybe too arcade-like.

That’s why there is only one proper answer to this problem. And it is to download free casino slot games to play offline.

Keep in mind that not every casino will allow you to do that. In fact, depending on where you live you may have very few options to choose from. But don’t let that stop you from searching.

casinoHow to Find Casinos with Offline Games

Desktop and laptop computers have options – just search for casinos with downloadable software. That will mean that the games must be installed on your computer and, as a result, they will be accessible offline.

If you want to download free casino slot games and play offline on your mobile, there is a whole different set of problems simply. Because, seemingly, 95% of phones ARE connected to the net, developers don’t look to allow offline play. So, when you are about to join a casino, look if they even have a dedicated app for Android or iOS. If they do, contact their customer service and ask.

Even if they don’t have the option yet, if they see a push from players, casinos will be much more inclined to improve. Isn’t this how everything works nowadays? Start with the biggest brands that you have access to.

More spins, more fun: 60 free spins no deposit required


Players love free spins – the excitement of the time (free spins) running out. You’re counting down with the slot timer. Will you hit? Will it hit? If you haven’t, it’s only because you had too few free spins. We are sure of that. So here’s 60 free spins no deposit required (and even more) you can use at your own will.

Why 60 free spins no deposit required

Recently we did a small test (although, we don’t blame you if you don’t completely trust our minuscule sample size). But the test was to check how many free spins are enough.

We tried 10 free spins, 25 free spins, 50, 60 and 100 free spins. And it seems that while most of our team busted with 10 free spins and most walked away with some kind of a win after 100 free spins (as you might expect), the difference between 60 and 100 free spins was extremely small.

But let’s focus on actually getting free spins.

casinoHow to get 60 free spins no deposit required

There are several ways to get 60 free spins. For example, 10, 25 and 25. Or 50 and 10. But we would like to suggest not just browsing to collect free spins until you reach 60, but to deliberately attack one slot.

Think about a slot like Starburst that never lacks free spins at casinos. Pick casinos that have Starburst free spins and play this (or any other) and go crazy on them.

For example, BGO has 20 free spins on Starburst – an amazing offer on so many levels. BGO recently made waves by announcing no wagering free spins – something we believe should, and will become a trend sooner rather than later.

And what about 15 free spins from A brilliant casino that managed to keep its reputation intact no matter what. For 20 years!

What about massive 50 free spin offers from Trada Casino?

casinoEnjoy Free Spins – They Never End

Look around out site and you will have no problem scoring 60 free spins no deposit required. Enjoy your time. But, we want you to not only have a great time but also walk away with cash. That’s why we encourage you to think about every no deposit bonus you take with a certain goal in mind. For example, making the most out of your favorite slot machine.

Top 4 UK slot sites without deposit


You probably enjoy casino games as much as anybody else and understand different aspects of playing online.

Actually, if you really think about it, casino players often understand the risks and don’t mind redepositing if their recent sessions went the wrong way.

But What nobody can stand is bad casinos. That’s why today we have the best UK slots sites without deposit for you to make use of for your entertainment and, hopefully, nice winning sessions.

And why we focus on UK slots sites probably shouldn’t surprise you. Often, UK casinos will have the best reputation. Not by a virtue of magic, of course but by exemplary regulations ask an appropriate amount of responsibility from casinos without impeding on player’s freedom to choose.

The Best UK slots sites without deposit

Just browse through the casinos based in UK. NetBet, BGO, Paddy Power Casino, William Hill. Chances are every name you have heard of before and may even trust them as a brand without having played there.

Isn’t that incredible?

Before we move forward we have to note that the offers below are valid at the time of writing. Casinos have the right to change their promotions and, occasionally, we may miss a promotion update.


What you can get now – no deposit

So, here are the best UK casinos and their offers.

50 FAIR Spins at BGO

If you are an online casino looking to make a name for yourself, you take example from the BGO. They started the trend of no wagering free spins. So, you spin, win and keep it.


TradaCasino is growing with a lot of potential. Right now it is one of the best places to play for free as everyone gets 50 free spins.


And we must applaud NetBet because in 10+ years as a casino, they managed to consistently bring the best offers. That’s rare. As advertised in different markets, most new NetBet players get 15 free spins on Starburst.

Mr. Green Casino

Lastly, there is Mr. Green who players adore for different reasons like style, their own games and superb offers. A trusted brand that is always ready to deliver – or at least that’s how we see it. How can you not? Their 100 free spins promotion has been going on forever.