Roulette Live – an Online Classic Surpasses the Casino Game

One of the most famous games ever

Everyone knows this game. Even those who have never played the game themselves can almost certainly describe, at least roughly, how the game is going. And who does not know the countless spy movies in the smart spies like James Bond sitting in a casino and with a sure hand make their bet on a number or a color.

The game in which a ball is thrown into a running – let’s call it a shell – with colored markings in red, black and green as well as a series of numbers. Surely everyone has ever seen on TV. And certainly, some of them have this game in a kind of home version at home, to play at a suitable opportunity in the circle of family or friends. This version is still relatively new and has become popular only in the last 10 – 15 years.

Amazing, after all, this game that has its origins in Italy and is now known worldwide is already several hundred years old. The right, professional roulette can be found today, especially in the big casinos. maybe that’s because you always need a croupier for this game. Arctic Monkeys announce new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino and gaming outlets can often offer only a slot machine version of this classic game if at all. A real gaming experience can therefore hardly be offered to visitors and guests of these companies.

For those who then decide to visit one of the casinos that offer roulette, this often means a considerable amount of time and possibly also some additional costs. So of course, it is not surprising if only a small part of those who like to take part in a casino game ever has the chance to experience live roulette or even to be able to play themselves.

Roulette on the PC and online

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why roulette was one of the first games ever that came out as a PC game. Of course, these games could not connect in any way to the experience as it is when standing in a casino, surrounded by players and interested parties, makes his bet and then cheered to see at the end where the ball is. In the computer games could at best be adopted the gameplay.

The atmosphere of a casino, with its individual and upscale presentation, the music but also the opportunity to chat with other visitors to a casino simply was not given in the normal PC games. This did not improve until the spread of the Internet and the advancing technology gave new possibilities for the presentation of the game.

The importance of online casinos

Especially through the Internet, a whole series of online casinos have emerged over the last few years. However, this exists above all through the highest possible and, above all, constant visitor numbers. For the visitors to come back, it is especially important for online casinos – as with regular casinos – to make the visit to the casino a real experience.

The online casinos soon realized that it was not enough to present their guests with the widest possible selection of slot machine, arcade or classic gambling games. In many cases, the existing games could not compete against the gaming environment of a casino or casino. Over the years, not only has the optical design of the websites of various online casinos been invested to keep the visitors more involved, but also classic games such as online roulette have been equipped with many new features.

For example, many online casinos now use possible to chat with roulette not only with other players. One can e.g. also forward previously purchased virtual gifts with a certain score to other players, so that they then receive higher levels and thus unlocked for roulette tables with a higher bet. Of course, this is just an example of several novelties that most online casinos now have. But free wsop chips can offer their visitors the following novelty.

Live online roulette

This completely new version lets you experience and play live roulette online. That means you play on the Internet almost via live circuit directly at a roulette table. The principle is like e.g. on Skype. Using a webcam or a laptop camera, the guest establishes a connection with the table he has selected. Now he can see the croupier doing his job live. At the same time, he shows himself through his camera to the game master and his neighbor, just as his teammates are displayed in small windows on the edge of the screen.

This live circuit creates a completely new gaming experience for the player, since the player is virtually in the middle of the action instead of out. At the same time, those who want a real casino experience no longer need to travel several miles to the nearest casino. Instead, they can easily get a real roulette live experience on your computer or laptop. At the same time, visitors to the online casino can then decide for themselves when they want to experience live roulette online because online casinos are available to visitors and guests around the clock in contrast to conventional gaming arcades or casinos.


From my point of view, the online casinos are currently well on the way to outdate the conventional casinos and casinos. Not only do online casinos now have a much wider range than traditional casinos, they also manage to attract attention with real novelties.

For example, in the field of online roulette, but of course some other classics in the field of gambling. This is where online casinos manage to create an atmosphere and a "middle-of-the-range" feeling that makes players feel in touch with a real casino.

With such a wide range of gambling and classic games that offer visitors a very special atmosphere, it should be easy for online casinos not only to survive in the long term compared to the regular casinos but also to be able to book many new visitors and guests for themselves. Playing live roulette online is certainly a not insignificant criterion for many players.

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